We manufacture and sell products of high quality material and good feel to touch

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Socks, born in Kagawa Prefecture of Japan made from high quality material


'5sense' is located in Kagawa Prefecture, where textile industry is traditional one.
Olive is one of the specialties of Kagawa Prefecture Shoudoshima island.
The olive oil has a moisturizing effect.
It can be used for not only cooking but also skin care.
We developed unique textile containing a lot of microencapsulated Shodoshima olive oil.
It is the technology only '5sense' has in Japan.
Using this technology, we manufacture and sell products of high quality material and good feel to touch, such as socks and gloves 'olive sara' series.

We work carefully from planning to packing on each product
It’s because of factory direct, we can deliver the best quality and value to price.

History of development

photo01.jpgIn the beginning, we knew that olive oil has a moisturizing effect.
We thought if socks contain olive oil, rough skin will be moist only wearing.
Kagawa Prefecture Shoudoshima island was the first place in Japan growing olive tree a hundred years ago.
Through trial and error, we developed textile containing microencapsulated olive oil,
using high quality pure olive oil made in Shoudoshima island.
Our olive oil socks and gloves are not oily but moist, smooth and silky. They are effective in skin care of the roughness of the hands and feet.

The process of making olive socks

1.Use Shoudoshima olive oil


Pure olive oil of Kagawa Prefecture Shoudoshima island

Positive effect of olive oil
Olive oil is not easily oxidized, protect skin cells from the action of active oxygen. It is effective for anti-aging, preventing from skin stains and wrinkle.

2.Encapsulate olive oil


Special process using cyclodextrin makes olive oil into microcapsule.

The purpose of encapsulation
1. (Stabilization) Protect materials which are easily decomposed by ultraviolet or light.
2.(Sustained-release effect) Prevent diffusion of Volatile substance. Improve sustained effect of pharmaceutical ingredient.
3.(Modification of the substance) Make olive oil be able to dissolve in water. Mask unpleasant smell and astringency.
4.(Emulsification) Emulsify fat, fatty acid, hydrocarbon and so on.
5.Suppress hygroscopicity. Make glutinous substance into fine powder.

3.Insert capsules to textile


Soak socks in microcapsule solution.

4.Completing! Moist, smooth and silky textile!


It completed through steps such as drying.
When you wear socks and walk, friction break capsules and apply olive oil to your skin.

It has been proven by the test.

The effect will persist through washing.