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Aruki henro tabi


23cm~25cm (For women)
25cm~27cm (For men)

Made in Japan

Description of item

Thick tabi socks, suitable for long walk.

It is popular because of sturdy textile and ease of walking.

It will protect your feet from walking motion.

Excellence Award winning product in the Kagawa products Competition.

Product lineup

Normal type
It is a little thicker than the typical socks. Comfortable in all season.

Thick type
Thick socks with cushioning properties. It is ideal for sports and walking.



2 colors

black, white



Tabi (Japanese socks with split toe)

Kagawa Prefecture is located in Shikoku Island.
Shikoku is known as the place of pilgrimage called‘ohen-ro’.
Its origin is pilgrimage of ancient Buddhist priest Kukai.
Tabi is suitable for long journey with light steps.
‘henro tabi’was named after ‘ohen-ro’

Why is tabi good for health?

Tabi is Japanese old footwear.
It is socks with sprit toe, divided into the thumb and other fingers.
Stimulating acupressure points of the thumb is good for your health.
Body weight is applied to the thumb.
It corrects your posture, stretches back muscles, makes your mind calm and allows for deep breathing.
In other word, just only wearing tabi makes you healthy.
Further, it is said that training the thumb of foot is effective for dementia prevention, because there are deep relationship to the head and thumb of foot in oriental medicine.
Our tabi is made in Japan. It was sewn in the beautiful form of feet in the Japanese technology.
Since it was on sale, that’s why our tabi has been a favorite in elderly people who are careful in health.

Washing notation
Home launder
Do not chlorine bleach
Dry in shade
Do not tumble dry
It is recommended softly hand wash at 30℃

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